スタジオ付き物件をサブレット 東京

投稿者 : Daniel & Asami

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◎費用一ヶ月 90,000円

地下鉄成増駅 徒歩5分(東京メトロ有楽町線/副都心線)または 東武東上線成増駅 徒歩7分

Three month sublet
A two story building in Itabashi Ku Tokyo.
90,000 yen per month (included utilities)
1st floor, artist studio with big windows and lots of light, washer, ofuro and otearai
2nd floor kitchen, bedroom, and living room, which is also a 2nd bedroom
We are renting our home for three months, May 10 until August 31.
15 minutes from Ikebukuro station on the Yurakucho line, the Fukutoshi line and the Tobu Tojyo Line
We are flexible, if you would like to move in a little earlier and share a few days we can show you around to see all the things you would need to know to shop, go out to eat and travel on the public transportation..
All rent for both months must be paid upon moving in. A deposit left for utilities and phone. There is wireless Internet.
It is a very comfortable place, yakitori stand and fresh fish market right on the corner and a few minutes walk to the subway station and shopping center. We also have two bikes you can use. There is a beautiful big park Hikari Gaoka Koen only a 5-minute bike ride away. Super Sento 4 blocks away
Send us an email if you would like to know more
For the same price of a few weeks at a hotel you could have your own home and live like a native for three months.
Please no smoking inside.